Our Services

Silverwood Interiors offers versatile services for the interior fit out sector. Our service portfolio includes,

  • Consultancy and Supervision
  • Renovation & Refurbishment works
  • Flooring Installation
  • Suspended Ceiling
  • Partition works
  • Office Furnishing
  • Blinds and Window Fabrics
  • Painting works
  • Electrical Works
  • Plumbing works
  • HVAC( Air Conditioning)works
  • Joinery fit out
  • Aluminium & Glass works
  • Doors & Windows
  • Demountable Partition Systems
  • Acoustical Interior works

Specialized Services

  • Project Management

    Silverwood Interiors starts its all project in a professional and structured way so that, the project will be completed within the time frame and agreed budget.

    Client Brief : We start with Client Brief which is the foundation step of the design process, identifying the detailed requirements of each client and establishing what design direction to take Place. Budgets and timescales are also discussed with client.

    Concept Design : After carefully reviewing client’s brief, we produce a concept design presented to the client with a furniture layout along with a visual representation of the general interior design direction such as sample boards and brochures etc. Once our client is satisfied with the concept design, we begin to develop the detailed design.

    Design Development : Our designers study the concept design in detail to mould the design into the client’s requirements. Drawings and visuals are created by incorporating the sample materials, colours and other elements approved by client. Our Sales team & design engineers present more detailed arrangement of space with ideas for furniture, fittings and bespoke elements to client. Sample boards are prepared illustrating typical items of furniture fittings and equipment together with samples of selected finishes generally proposed to the client. The developed design is then reviewed with the client, and options are discussed.

    Technical Design : The detailed Design agreed by Client is transformed into a technical design, integrating the interior design elements to technical details. At this stage, the technical team and design team contribute each other to develop the technical integration. Construction details are drawn up, internal finishes and materials are finalised, sanitary and electrical fittings, doors, furniture and equipment etc are agreed within the team.

    Technical & Commercial Bid : The bill of quantity derived from the approved detailed design with project cost and the commercial bid submitted to Client for the consideration. Once job is awarded to Silverwood Interiors, we start with the procurement phase.

    Procurement : Consideration is given to the individual elements of the detailed design and approved Bill of Quantities, through discussion with the suppliers, craftsmen and artisans, the agreed furniture fittings, equipment and items are ordered and purchased in time to arrive for final installation.

    Construction to completion: Silverwood Interiors team consider this phase as the most important in the project Management. All the promises to our client, the client expectation etc, must be transformed to site team and sub-contractors and achieve the project as expected. We monitor the progress on site at regular intervals appropriate to the stage of construction, ensuring the highest quality of building works and subcontractor’s workmanship.

    Handover : The client is welcomed back into a completely transformed space, beautifully unique yet tailored to their needs and expectations. Silverwood Interior always pay more attention into the preparation of operation and Maintenance Manual and As Built drawings. All these documents are handed over to client and Project close out documents are signed off by both parties.

  • Interior Space Acoustics Design

    Sound reflections create standing waves that produce natural resonances which can be heard as a pleasant sensation or an annoying one. This is the science of controlling a room’s surfaces based on sound absorbing and reflecting properties.

    The acoustic properties of a space should be designed to support the activity in the space. Each activity has its own challenges, and consequently its own acoustic design. The acoustic design of a room dictates the way sound effects like reflections and reverberations make their way across the space and into the audience’s ears. We are specialist designers providing acoustic wall and ceiling for restaurants, lobbies, schools, and board rooms.

    Silverwood has expertise in acoustic treatment of wall, ceiling and floor. This includes sound proof rooms, sound absorbing wall panels and acoustic doors and windows for such interior space.

    Our installations vary from plant rooms, recording studios, schools, hospital rooms and hotel rooms, no matter the application; we use only the quality materials from the reputed manufactures from Europe. Acoustic Interior is in its nurturing stage in Dubai, where we already carved our name as a reliable and quality interior design company in the market.

    With the growing market, we are now focusing on upcoming acoustic business in the U.A.E., particularly in Emirates of Dubai.

    Our experts listen your requirements, understand how the acoustic treatments make impacts on your business successes and accordingly, we design the interior space and its installation elements. We believe in appropriate blending of acoustical design and interior design to make an end product which excels in its acoustical functional properties, but same time appear as cutting edge interior design for our client organisations.

  • HealthCare Interior Design and Fit out works

    Hospitals are no more just a building structure in this region rather it is carefully and beautifully designed built environment to satisfy its multicultural international customers. Health care interior design and construction is extremely important in terms of its complexity and compliance requirements. Integration of technical and interior space designs are always a challenge in Healthcare interior design.

    Modern healthcare interior space showcases a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere for the patients and relatives. The healthcare sector customers in United Arab Emirates expect world class hospitals and services and these growing sector demands responsible contractors to cater these highly specialised services.

    The acoustic treatment of inpatient rooms, isolated ventilation system, carefully designed air conditioning system to avoid cross ventilation, special treatment for the radiation control, properly designed channels for the separation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes,soft furnishing, fabric designs, selected interior colours etc., are some of the topics on today’s discussion table for the healthcare interior designers.

    Silvewood Interiors understand this specialised requirement and carefully design and deliver healthcare interior design services in United Arab Emirates. Our engineers understand statutory requirements in designing healthcare spaces, and assist our clients to complete their projects inline with compliance requirements.

    We are specialised in X-ray room lead panelling, Specialised Air conditioning & Ventilation (HVAC) system installations. Our bespoke joinery design works match with specific healthcare/hospital interior space requirements. The water distribution and drainage works in healthcare sector is safe in our expert hands and always meet the compliance requirements.