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Siverwood Interiors is a leading Interior Fit-Out & Décor company focused in creating built environment which harmonizes the business needs and wellbeing of the occupants. Silverwood Interiors is committed to provide a fast, reliable and professional service to every one of our customers. We focus on customer’s needs, concentrate on unspoken concepts and ideas, thus we deliver services beyond the expectation of our Clients. Since inception, Silverwood Interiors has rapidly accumulated an impressive portfolio in United Arab Emirates.

Silverwood Interiors is influenced by the changing industry trends which reflect in all our projects. We set our quality standards inline with evolving industry standards in the region. We strive for nothing less than a quality Service delivered in a timely manner with extremely competitive prices.

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Silverwood Technical Services LLC
Ph: +971 4 263 48 90
Email : info@silverwoodinterior.com

Hospitality Interiors

Silverwood Interiors is set to serve the country’s evolving Hospitality sector with its unique and world class Fit-Out solutions.

Office Interiors

Since the mid-twentieth century, many innovations in office interior design have been established in the region

Retail Interiors

Silverwood Interiors has distinctive space within the Retail Interior sector in United Arab Emirates.

Residential Interiors

Silverwood Interiors undertake Residential interior projects range from modifying just one room to transforming an entire Villa property to a modern living space.